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website Launch!

Welcome to the new DUSK Body Jewelry website and wholesale store! We are so excited to start this new facet (ayooooo) of the business!

You may notice a bunch of stuff is missing...... Threadless Bezels,Fixed Gem Rings, Clickers and more. You will also notice that the only stone available right now for prongs is Lab. White Sapphire. We will be adding more stones and the missing designs a little later. Until we are done adding all of these items and we can get a custom orders form up please email them in.

I will be doing a bi-weekly blog update on new things as they become available. In the meantime please enjoy the 10% discount that comes along with your first order. In the promo section, you will enter in code "FIRSTORDER" to claim the discount. This is a one use per account code so totally make it count!

If you have any problems with the code or the site please email me so we can fix the issue.



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