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New Updates and products in our store!

Rounding the corner into spring we have a handful of big updates coming to the site.

-Bezels and Prongs

Stone roll out is going to be a slow process, but it is helpful to us to just make a handful available at a time. For now we have Onyx and moonstone cabochons available for bezels (available stones will grow with time). For prongs we have round faceted Laboratory white sapphire, Mozambique garnet, and Amethyst. We will be adding the basic (tier 1) stones first and the upgraded ones last. You may still order our other stones via the custom order form that I will be bringing up in just a minute. Check back to the store often to see what stone we have added as I don't want to bother everyone too much with mass emails every time we release a new stone option. The option for beads on bezels are now available please see the chart for the configuration that you want. We are aware that on some devices the chart isn't showing up, we are actively fixing this. For the time being here it is.

Finally, Stone sandblasting is also an option for bezels!

-Custom Order Form

We have a submittable 'custom orders' form that you will find in the store. We have been hit pretty hard with custom orders lately and this will organize the whole process for us. If you are using this for a bezel or prong order for stones that we don't have in the store yet, please include them all on one form.

-Repairs And Alterations

You will also find a repair and alterations form in the store. Everything will work the same as far as pricing and you will still be sent a square invoice. This is to be downloaded and sent in with your order. We have had a bit of an issue with people just sending a piece of jewelry and it has been confusing at times. We aren't going to be tyrants about it, but please include it to help us out with our organization.

Remember the site is still new and we are working out all of the kinks so please be patient with us. If something doesn't work right for you please email us at

Thanks for reading! We can't wait to see everyone at the APP Vegas Conference!!


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