Non Gem Upgrade Seams

The name says it all with these ones. They are all of the rings that are not gemmed but are upgrades from basic seams

BDSE 2B YG.jpeg

Beaded seams are one of our most popular upgrade seams. available with one or two rows of beads and any color of ring or beads

HMBD 2B WG.jpeg

A popular add on to our beaded seams is some hammering for that extra little bit of flare

0 3.jpg

Demonstrating how versatile these are this one is a platinum ring with alternating white and yellow gold beads


the sky is the limit when it comes to bead configurations. This one has 9 beads in the shape of a triangle

20211217_210547 copy.jpg

Our hammered Seams are pounded flat before texturing to make the textured part wider and less likely to rotate through the piercing. They are also reversible with micro hammering on one side and medium hammering on the other.


Stacked seams give the illusion that there are several rings traveling through your piercing. shown here is one with all three colors of gold also available with just 2 rings

20211216_192738 copy.jpg

Pointy bois are a seam that is hand bent to come to a point at the bottom where the seam meets. Not available with cup and divot