Custom Jewelry

We want to make your jewelry dreams come true! we do not offer body jewelry to the general public (you can order through your local piercing shop) we also offer custom fine jewelry including pendants, rings, bracelets, and any other fine jewelry that you may want in gold or platinum

A custom pendant in yellow gold with a 10mm sunstone and 3 3mm genuine amethyst cabochons with micro hammering on the recessed areas. 


Custom 8G clickers with hammering all the way around and high polish on the inside wearable. They are going in large stretched lobes so the hammering will not touch the skin.

IMG_3684 copy.jpg

This client wanted one of our anchors with rope, so we modified it and added 2 pieces of 25g white gold wire welded on the back so it sits flush. 


This is a custom cross dangle with hand made chain. Bringing back the 80s


Custom conch plug in solid yellow gold with the slipknot S in 2 gauge


For our fans of final fantasy fans we made this custom buster sword