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Greetings everyone,

I hope you're enjoying your summer season. We've been hard at work enhancing our website, carefully refining its elements to discover what truly resonates. After thorough consideration, we've decided to shift our focus away from intricate bead variations towards a more straightforward and foundational jewelry collection. While we'll progressively introduce new gemstones like the Jade and Amethyst Cabochons that we recently added, we're also excited to announce our plans for road sales and back stock sales through video calls.

Soon, our website will feature a unique option to schedule video calls for exploring our back stock—reminiscent of a 1 on 1 QVC experience. To arrange a video back stock call in the meantime, simply email us at

Furthermore, we've revamped our custom orders section, providing a comprehensive guide to our custom order process. If you or your clients are considering personalized pieces, do visit that page for insights.

For those intrigued by the art of crafting body jewelry, we've initiated a Patreon platform—Dusk Jewelry Education. This valuable resource isn't just for jewelers, but also for piercers seeking to delve deeper into the world of body adornment creation or just expand their knowledge on the process of goldsmithing and gemology.

Please remember to use the updated repairs form when sending in jewelry for repairs and alterations, ensuring a smoother process and better organization on our end. You can now download the new form in the repairs/alterations section.

Exciting ventures lie ahead, and we'll be sure to keep you posted. Your support means the world to us.

Warm regards,


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